Pro and Premium memberships can additionally purchase functionality for Live streaming from the conference room to YouTube, Facebook, and VK.

In this article, we will focus on Live Streaming on VK

To start streaming, you need to create and enter the conference room.

This can be an instant, scheduled event, or a permanent room.

After you enter the conference room, you will see the button to start the Live stream in the upper right corner.

Feel free to click it).

When the button is pressed, a menu to Live streaming will appear:

Let's go to the streaming menu and explore it:

1. Live settings, tick the box:

  • enable/disable chat
  • enable/disable participants thumbnails
  • only hosts content.

2. URL server input field

3. Stream Key input field

4. The "Start Streaming" button.

Don't close the browser tab and go to VK to create the stream, and copy the Stream URL and the Stream Key.

1. Open the web version VK via browser on your computer or laptop.

2. Go to the page where you want to Stream.

You can stream from your personal page and from the group page, if you are an administrator in this group.

3. Go to the "Videos" section of the selected page.

4. Click the "New stream" button in the upper right corner.

5. Download a thumbnail for future stream.

6. Enter the Stream name and description of the upcoming stream.

7. Select a category.

8. Open the section "Encoder settings".

9. Copy the URL and Stream Key.

10. Don't close the browser tab, go to the Proficonf Сonference room and paste the URL and Stream Key in the field.

11. Go back to VK and tick the "Stream preview" box to check the video and sound before the streaming starts.

12. Tick the " Notify when stream starts " box.

13. Click the "Save" button to finish the creation and start checking the signal for future streaming.

14. Start the streaming in the Proficonf Сonference room by press the "Start Streaming" button on the streaming menu.

Make sure that you paste the URL and the Stream Key into the input fields.

15. Go back to VK and open the player of the newly created stream.

16. Make sure the video and sound work without any problems.

17. Click "Go live" when you are ready to go on Live.

How to stop the Live stream

To stop the stream, press the "Stop streaming" button above the streaming player.

Press "Yes" to confirm.

Next step, go to a Proficonf Conference room and click the “Stop Streaming” button.

If you get additional questions on conference hosting and streaming go to Proficonf Help Center Main Page to find your answers.

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