Only guests that have been invited to a Proficonf conference using a link or have been sent an invite to their email can participate in an event.
The URL looks like something like this[id] 

The conference ID consists of 11 characters ranging from 0 to 9 and from A to Z.
The link can be sent to a participant any preferrable way.

You may get an invitation using a link. In this case when you follow the link, you'll get to the lobby of the conference upon clicking the link. This is what you will see when you do:

Enter your email. Click Next when you do. The system will require a name and a surname from you. Once you fill the blanks in, you're going to be redirected right to the conference room.

You can be sent an invite to your email. It will look like this:

Press "Join the Conference" and you'll get to the lobby of the conference.
If you've never been to a Proficonf conference before and have never registered with the service, the lobby of the conference will require your first name only. Lobby of the conference will look exactly like before.

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