The ability to record a conference is an option from Proficonf Pro and Premium memberships. The transition to the conference recording is very simple - click the button

User features during the conference:

  • enable/disable recording what is happening in the chat
  • enable/disable users' icons on the main screen
  • record only host’s content.

To start recording press "Start Recording"

The recording is limited up to 300 minutes in Pro and Premium plans.

You can stop recording at any time and resume it again.

Attention: Pro and Premium account owners can only record one video at a time. If at the same time the moderator will hold the event you have created, the recording will not be available for him.

Recording Autostart
Recording Autostart option is available for Premium membership owners in Scheduled Events and Permanent Rooms.
You can find the recorded conference in the file section of the conference.

Note: the file will appear in the "Files" menu of the Demonstration center

This is how recorded files may look:

Once you've got your files uploaded, and as soon as you allow them for download, your guests will get a double folder-looking icon in the conference menu that will look something like this:

You'll get a list of files available for download by clicking on the icon. Remember, the icon is not visible unless the conference host uploads and demonstrates at least one file.
Please note, Proficonf time limits the longevity of the conference recordings depending on the membership type.

BUT! we do not limit the number of files you can record and save. Pay attention to the volume of your disc space. You will not be able to save more recorded files if you've exceeded it previously.  Go to your "Billing control" if you want to add more disc space. When you save the files you've recorded you can go back to them by going to your Events page and clicking the Files tab:

You can download, delete, or view the storage capacity from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

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