Audio and Video

Your video camera and microphone are controlled using the menu. 

If the speed of your Internet connection is lacking and you experience inconvenience during communication, you can try to change the quality of the video received from other participants in the settings section.


Content demonstration can only be conducted by one participant at a time.

The event host is the only one who can change the content demonstration settings. For example, he may allow all participants to demonstrate materials and interrupt the speaker. Find these settings in the upper right corner of the window, in the demonstration section.

Every part taker can display content by default settings. The main screen displays the most active speaker. If a participant decides to interrupt the speaker by a content demonstration, he automatically gets the main screen.

If you, as a host, wish to single-handedly control access to the demonstration, go ahead and pick “Only host” option in “Who can share” section.

The demonstration center will be blocked for other participants.

If you want to allow all participants to demonstrate, but you do not want anyone to interrupt you, pick "Only host" option in "Who can start sharing when someone else is sharing" section.

Member Management

The conference host can prohibit sending knock-in requests to prevent interruptions once the event has started.

The host can prohibit pinning/unpinning. This way all users will watch the current speaker. 


The host can disable chat for participants in the “Advanced’ section of the settings. A user can also enable or disable the ability to choose, whose speech is going to be displayed on its main screen.

Conference Language Settings

To change the language of the conference interface during the conference itself go to Conference settings button, pick "Advanced" and pick the language you prefer. The preference will automatically apply. 

Proficonf provides a two-language interface at the moment: in English and in Russian.

Conference Privacy Settings

In this section, the conference organizer may choose the private mode for his event. In case you pick the second option, the potential participants of the meeting will be able to send a request to join. The host decides if he wants to grant it.

Press the lock icon in the upper left corner of the conference room interface. Right beside the name of the event. Click once to close access to your event, click once more to open the lock and make your event public.

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